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Libertadores Final 2022: What to do in Guayaquil

The final of the Copa Libertadores de América is scheduled to take place on October 29, in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

In this city, the largest port in the country is located, in addition to being the most populous city in Ecuador. In addition, Guayaquil offers possibilities for tourism, and is ideal for those who want to delight in Ecuadorian cuisine, and enjoy the tranquility of the coast, which is perfect for those who want to relax on vacation.

What to do in Guayaquil?

The city that is normally the route for those who want to get to the Galapagos, is known as the gateway to the pacific ocean, and it is worth enjoying its sights, which we will mention now:

Santa Ana Hill

It's the perfect setting for those who love urban landscapes! That's because it's a walk of 465 steps that direct tourists to a lighthouse, where it's possible to see the whole city.

Iguana Park

Do you like iguanas? Then this is the perfect spot! Located in front of the city's Cathedral, the place houses dozens of iguanas that are loose in the park, making it possible for tourists to interact with the animals, which can provide you with a new experience, marked by very different photos.

Malecon El Salado

The Malécon El Salado is a place that shows its tourists a presentation of water and lights every day in the late afternoon. Around it, there are several shops that can provide you with gastronomic experiences with fresh seafood, which come from the region.

Craft Market

The artisanal market is the perfect place for those hoping to buy souvenirs for friends and relatives. The site is home to several merchants selling artifacts and products from the region and is a must-stop for all travelers passing through Guayaquil.

But how can I be in Guayaquil during the Copa Libertadores de America?

It's simple! L'art Hospitality is a company that takes you to the best experiences in the biggest events in the world, and during the Copa Libertadores da América, it couldn't be different.

We aim to provide you with much more than a trip, but the realization of a dream, because who doesn't want to see their favorite team and who wants to discover an incredible city full of attractions in one of the biggest countries in South America?

Don't be left out! Contact one of our consultants right now and ask your questions, we are here to make this the best trip of your life, because we can guarantee you to enjoy your stay with maximum comfort, tranquility and pleasure.

Talk to us, we are waiting for you!

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