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Paris 2024 volunteer opportunity

Be ready for a lifetime experience, becoming a Paris 2024 volunteer

Do you want to join an exciting team adventure in the heart of Paris 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games? Do you want to be part of the Paris 2024 unforgettable event for 10 days? Participate in the Games, not just as a spectator!

Waiting for the portal to open on March 2023? Sign up to Club Paris 2024 on March 2023 to get all the latest news and information about the Paris 2024 volunteers program!


To make Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games unforgettable for all stakeholders, 45,000 volunteers will get involved. Paris 2024 offers volunteers the opportunity to join, and Paris 2024 has the opportunity to recruit volunteers! As a volunteer, you can join Paris 2024 being part of the organization of the most prestigious sporting event on earth and directly contributing to its success and welcome the world and to embody the French values of hospitality,

Experience an exciting adventure with a group, meeting people from different backgrounds, and sharing unforgettable moments and emotions. You can learn, train, and gain experience that will be beneficial for your future career goals.


  1. All Games stakeholders should support the quality of the experience

  2. Supporting sport performance

  3. Ensure that the organisation runs smoothly and is fluid


All profiles are welcome to apply for the volunteers program. To apply, you will need to:

  1. At least 18 years of age on January 20, 2024

  2. Learn French and/or English

  3. You must be available at all times between the opening of Athletes Village on 12 July 2024 and the closing of Paralympic Games on 10 September 2024. Paris 2024 is open for all ages. People of different languages are welcome.

You can save the date! Apply for the Paris 2024 Volunteers Program starting March 2023.
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  • March 2023 The application window is open for 6-8 weeks.

  • Spring 2023 - Summer 2023 All applications are reviewed

  • Fall 2023 Respondents are notified

On March 20, 2023, the volunteers portal will be available online. You can submit your application online to become a volunteer at the Games. This application phase will last for a few weeks, and will close six to eight weeks later. Paris 2024 will examine all applications up to the end summer 2023 and will return to candidates during Automn 2023.



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