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Why guarantee your trip to watch the Libertadores Cup final as soon as possible?

The Copa Libertadores da América is one of the biggest football championships in the world, because the winning team qualifies to play in the Club World Cup, which brings prestige to any team.

The final of this great championship is scheduled for October 29, in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, and with that, many football fans are already guaranteeing their spots, even before knowing if their favorite team will participate, and so this is one reason why you should start planning as soon as possible.

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Not convinced yet? LART can help you and see why!

With the salty price of airline tickets and the dollar on the rise, it is clear that with the approach of the grand finale, demand increases and values ​​​​will go up, so if you intend to stay in good hotels, visit good places, and have access to better flight conditions, you need to start planning now!

According to Portal OGOAL, in 2021, even before the Estadio Centenário, in Montevideo, was officially confirmed as the Copa Libertadores final, dozens of fans had already purchased travel packages to accompany the big decision.

But to ease the work – and the pocket – of those who want to follow the games closely, L'art Hospitality offers packages for those who want to be living this grand finale together with their favorite team.

We have been offering our customers for years, environments, accommodation and exclusive advantages, which will lead them to have a premium experience and get ahead of other fans at the time of the grand final. That's because, our company takes the lead when it comes to providing our users with more than a trip, but the realization of a dream.

We have a team prepared to assist you at all times of the trip, from the initial conversation to the return home! Contact us and clear all your doubts!

We'll help you get closer and closer to seeing your favorite team lift the cup to the Club World Cup. We are waiting for you!

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