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Miami Open | 23 March - North Terrace 95,00 €
Miami Open | 23 March - Promenade 50,00 €
Miami Open | 23 March - South Club 75,00 €
Miami Open | 23 March - South Sideline 70,00 €
North Terrace 95.00 


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Miami Open | 23 March

Night Session | Session 10

3rd Round/Men’s Singles 2nd Round/Doubles

Miami Open

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  • Miami Open standard ticket
  • Select between South Sideline (144,148), South Club
    (243,244,248,249), North Terrace Rows 12 to 17 – 5 to 11 (104-113) and Promenade (343 – 349)
  • Seats together
  • Only available for the TIcket + Hotel package, Hotel 3 and 4 stars pre-selected for our guests,
  • Different categories,
  • Breakfast included
  • On site concierge assistance
  • Commemorative Gift


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The exact match date and time will be confirmed approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the event. There is a possibility that dates may change due to television rights or cup games. Please check the official channels of clubs and leagues to ensure you have the correct date.

You will receive your tickets as E-tickets, sent via email 1-3 days before the event date. If you also booked a hotel with us, you will receive the hotel voucher along with your E-tickets.
Question: Where in the stadium will I be sitting?

During the booking process, we indicate your seat locations marked in orange on the seating chart. You will be seated in these locations, or if seats are unavailable, you will receive an upgraded seat. It’s also possible to upgrade the seats yourself.


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